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A great season for IBRC

(April 05, 2023)

The Club is extremely proud of all the fabulous results achieved by members at the Area 8 Qualifiers.

Arena Eventing Championships (10-12 March Aston Le Walls)

Senior Team 100cm – Result 11th

Sally Corrigan

Stef Brewington

Vivi Klenum-Pottinger

Claire Lewis


Winter Novice Dressage Championships (1-2 April Arena UK)


Anya Maisch, Junior

8th Prelim 7

3rd Prelim 13

Vivi Klenum-Pottinger, Senior

3rd Warm up Prelim 1

12th Novice 24

Alyson Parker, Senior

2nd Prelim 12

Winter Intermediate Dressage Championships (23-24 April Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex)

Senior Team

Rosemary Coker

Megan Curtis

Emily Smith

Jasmin Burt

Charlotte Bruton

Junior Individual

Anya Maisch

Winter Intermediate Show Jumping (23-24 April Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex)

Senior Team 90cm

Emily SmithClub i

Alyson Parker

Claire Lewis

Vivi Klenum-Pottinger

Senior Team 100cm

Stef Brewington

Vivi Klenum-Pottinger

Emily Smith

Congratulations and well done to everyone who has taken part in the qualifiers.

No matter what results you achieved, IBRC is really proud.

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