Endurance Riding

BRC Team Endurance Event in association with Endurance GB (EGB).

 Riding Clubs are invited to participate either as a team / individual at any EGB ride in 2012.   Teams who complete the ride(s) successfully will score points which are entered into a regional league table.  Top teams in each league/nationally will be offered a place in the National Final at the prestigious Red Dragon Festival of Endurance event on Sunday 7th October 2012.

  • Teams – “squads” – may be between 3 to 6 riders.  4 = Team. 2 = individual
  • Qualifying rides range from 30 to 35km [about 20 miles]
  • It is not a requirement to be a member of EGB although must be a member of IBRC
  • Squad may include a maximum of 2 EGB members, however these riders must not be competing beyond Novice
  • No particular breed of horse is required, nor any special equipment
  • Up to date Influenza Vaccinaction Certificates will be required for the Final, as specified by BRC rules
  • Horses must be 5 years and over
  • Juniors are those aged between 8 and 13 on the day of the event, however they must be accompanied by a nominated mounted adult who is part of that squad.  Two juniors to one adult maximum.
  • Successful completion of ride is based on a speed/heart rate equation determined at the final veterinary inspection.  Speeds between 5mph and 9.4 mph maximum
  • Willing to take share in providing crew for rides

Confirmed Cash Prizes at Final

  • Overall winning team : £300 / 2nd place : £200 / 3rd place : £100
  • Highest placed Novice team (no EGB riders): £100

 Additional Awards (for which various products/clothing are hoped to be awarded)

  • Best presented team
  • Horse with highest score
  • Highest placed team with at leat one junior rider
  • Highest placed individual (not competing as part of a team)

For more detail email  [email protected]